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Evergreen Entertainment dosen't just play music for your special event,

we provide support to you throughout your event planning process.

Our commitment to you is first-rate client service. We are pleased to welcome you, serve you, and make your day, and your planning process, the best it can be.

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Stephen Peterson

We love what we do along with the personal reward that comes from serving our clients well.
At Evergreen Entertainment, our commitment to you is “Your Music -
Your Way - Always.

Evergreen Entertainment

Evergreen Entertainment has served hundreds of special events over the years and are well experienced in meeting the needs of each client, their unique event, and the family, friends, and guests attending them.

We prepare thoroughly and well in advance of each event we serve. We communicate well with each individual client throughout the event planning and performance. We arrive and set-up early, start on time, and are usually the last ones out the door after the event. We have never, ever, missed an event for any reason since opening for business in 1999. We keep our commitments and we serve our clients with absolute care and respect.

We feature an attractive DJ booth. We are subtle and we keep the spotlight on the event, (not the DJ). We do not play excessively loud so your guests communicate comfortably, (though we can “crank it up” when the dancing starts), all our music is edited for language in respect for all your guests, and we gladly take song requests to keep your guests engaged and energized.

Your Music  -  Your Way  -  Always
Stephen Peterson
Evergreen Entertainment

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